Felix So


Felix So, an eminent professional photographer in Hong Kong, has over 20 years of experience in commercial photography and created numerous splendid images for renowned brands and celebrities.

Felix has expended great effort in promoting the development of the local photography industry. Apart from serving as the President of the Hong Kong Institute of Professional Photographers from 2006 to 2008, he has been a consultant of a number of professional photography associations, and was invited to attend the 8th National Conference of the China Photographers Association as a special delegate from Hong Kong.

He is also dedicated to training new photographers for the industry by designing and teaching commercial photography programs for colleges, universities, and other training institutions. His commercial photography courses under Fevaworks and UniArt have become a great success and trained a number of competent photographers for the industry.

For many years, Felix is dedicated to serving the community. He has been promoting voluntary services for single-parent children, the elderly, and cancer patients, seeking to make contribution to public welfare with his expertise. The establishment of Felix So Photography Alumni Association in 2007 (FSPAA) marks his commitment to serving the society.